100% Natural Cotton Beanie Skull Cap | Lightweight Single Layer Crochet Cooling Sleep Chemo Caps | Zigzag and Ribbed Patterns - BEQX6MMZT



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  • 100% Cotton

  • Hand Wash Only

  • Note: we are transitioning to include tags on all caps. Some caps may not have tags yet. PREMIUM CROCHET BEANIE SKULL CAP – These are lightweight, single layer beanie caps that are made of 100% cotton. They are soft, allow for good airflow and are fashionably shorter than a typical beanie while providing more coverage than a regular skull cap. They fit most unisex adult head sizes and hairstyles.

  • SUPER SOFT, LIGHTWEIGHT & BREATHABLE - Unlike synthetic fabrics like polyester, acrylic and nylon, our 100% all-natural cotton design is very breathable and allows for proper air flow and reduces moisture buildup. Our beanie kufi skull caps are also extremely light on the head and have a natural silky soft feel to them making them perfect for everyday wear, or people with sensitive skin. Because our hats are 100% cotton we recommend washing in cold water and air drying to avoid shrinking.

  • DURABLE KNIT - These attractive caps come in two crochet styles: ribbed knit and a cool zigzag pattern. The crochet patterns provide the cap with durability and natural stretchability for the cotton fibers, in addition to allowing further air flow compared to other knitting patterns.

  • VERSATILE – These stylish beanie caps come in a variety of solid colors to match your wardrobe and style. The natural and soft material is ideal for men and women with sensitive scalps and skin, and can also help keep your hair in place, making these perfect for the indoors, while sleeping as a night cap, or as an everyday outdoor cap! The cotton material means that this moisture-wicking beanie skull cap can also work as a cooling hat and can even be worn in the summer heat.

  • MEDIUM SIZING – The material and weave allows for some stretch. Suitable for most teenage and adult head sizes.

  • All Day Comfort Are you searching for an over the ear beanie skull cap that is comfortable enough to wear all day or night? Do you want something built from durable all natural materials instead of itchy synthetic fabrics? The SnugZero skull cap style beanie hat is designed to be super soft for superior comfort. Breathable Design The crochet knit construction allows for incredible air flow and total breathability. Many fabrics or beanie caps don’t allow fresh air in and don’t let hot humid air out. Ours does both and we use 100% cotton threads that are naturally moisture wicking. We’ve upgraded our beanies to use premium cotton which makes the fibers perfect for those with sensitive scalp skin who want to avoid skin irritation. Versatile Many customers report that our over the ear beanie caps are their go to choice as a fashionable but light weight daily-wear hat, summer beanie, or chemo hat.> That’s because they have superior breathability which allows for a cooler more comfortable head even during the hottest summer weather. A Thoughtful Gift Choose the best color and give this awesome and convenient beanie to anyone who values comfort and quality over cheap synthetic materials and itchy fibers. Each cap is one size fits most to ensure a proper fit on most adult heads. Join thousands of happy customers…Click Add-to-Cart to order your skull cap beanie Today!

    100% Natural Cotton Beanie Skull Cap | Lightweight Single Layer Crochet Cooling Sleep Chemo Caps | Zigzag and Ribbed Patterns - BEQX6MMZT