Arm Warmers 6 Pairs for Women Cable Knit Warm Winter Sleeve Fingerless Gloves Premium - BR9ZQG7F6



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  • WOMENS ARM WARMERS : Keep your arms warm with trendy cable knit arm warmers. Provides a layer of protection from cold weather especially in the winter or autumn. Assists in retaining body heat close to the arms in addition to blocking out wind. In additional to being warm, these are a fashion accessory for those who enjoy wearing T-shirts but like to accessorize with these warm winter sleeves.

  • WOMENS FINGERLESS GLOVES : Provides additional warmth much needed for everyday activities including exercising, commuting, going out to dinner, in the office, at work and more. Fits nicely with cycling gear and over sweaters or shirts. Can also be worn indoors for a cozier sensation. As a fashion piece, you can sport these with a wide range of outfits for a chic & cute look.

  • WARM LADIES WINTER ACCESSORY : These lightweight arm warmers are stretchy and comfortable with a non-constricting construction. Wear these for hours at a time while being comfortable and warm. Does not obstruct your range of motion or activities. Wicks away sweat and moisture allowing your skin to be warm as well comfortable.

  • CHIC ARM SLEEVE DESIGN : Features an opening at the thumb and the fingers for functionality and prevents sleeves from rolling up. Allows your fingers to comfortably text and perform other activities comfortably. The sleeves roll up to the elbows to provide warmth and a wider range of mobility. The cable knit patterns provide an elegant and timeless look.

  • 6 PAIR BULK PACK GIFT : Your purchase will include 6 pairs of assorted chic arm warmers. Stylish as it is warm, these arm warmers are a perfect gift for mother’s day, Christmas, birthdays, and more. One size fits most women for a comfy and snug fitment. Comes in assorted colors as pictured. Made with a blend of acrylic for a comfy & cozy fit.

  • Equip yourself with a fashion accessory that is warm and trendy. The warmth administered by these fashionable arm warmers provides you with the comfort for day to day activities. Your commute to work, your exercise routine, and your nights out with friends. Layer up with arm warmers that are sleek and stylish.

    Each pack features 6 pairs of assorted colored cable knit arm warmers to match your outfits. Wear it under a jacket, over a long sleeve shirt, or over bare arms for a cozy and snug fit. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use by helping to retain body heat at the arms.

    Features a thumb hole and an opening for the fingers. The fingerless glove design allows you to perform activities such as driving, cycling, and texting comfortably. This winter or fall item is a great way to accessorize your outfits while staying warm without the extra bulk. These arm warmers make a thoughtful gift.

    One size fits most for a comfy and snug fit.

    Arm Warmers 6 Pairs for Women Cable Knit Warm Winter Sleeve Fingerless Gloves Premium - BR9ZQG7F6