Avalanche X Heated Mitten by Volt - B4TW9TPO7



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  • SIZING: Small (6"- 7.5") Large (8"- 9.5") Measure around the hand at the knuckles in inches to find your size. Choose your size based on your measurement

  • BEST HEAT COVERAGE: Heats each side of the hand as well as the thumb

  • CRAZY HEAT OUTPUT: Provides over 150 degrees of soothing heat for 2 hours on the highest setting

  • ULTIMATE HEAT CONTROL: Built-in 3 level microprocessor controller to select desired heat output

  • WATERPROOF/BREATHABLE MEMBRANE: Your hands will stay warm and dry throughout your day

  • The Avalanche X Heated Mitten are packed with a knockout punch of heat thanks to our Zero Layer Heat System that eliminates bulk and optimizes heat transfer. These mittens will surround your fingers and thumb in a cocoon of heat that will have you smiling all day skiing. The rich leather palm helps increase durability so you can enjoy these heated mittens season after season. The waterproof/breathable membrane will also prevent your hands from getting wet while you enjoy the soothing heat. Red 100% High – 2 hours Blue 66% Med – 3.5 hours Green 33% Low – 5 hours Small (6.5" - 8") Large (8" - 9.5")

    Avalanche X Heated Mitten by Volt - B4TW9TPO7