eBoot 12 Pieces Eyeglass Cord Glasses Strap Eyewear Retainer with Glasses Cloth - BZ7I8JQ1P



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  • 100% Nylon

  • Eyeglass cord measurement: this set of cords is approx. 58.5 cm/ 23.03 inches in length, and its diameter is approx. 0.3 cm/ 0.12 inch, medium size, fits most glasses

  • Nylon braided eyewear retainer: these eyewear retailers are made of nylon, light and strong, not easy to break, and the braided pattern add the strength and looks more beautiful

  • Colorful glass strap: these glass straps have 12 colors, they are random delivered, not fixed, and different colors can match with glasses of different colors

  • Glasses cloth of good quality: the cloth is square and the side length is 15 cm, made of the microfiber, it is much easier and more convenient for you to clean the glass

  • Quantity: this package includes 12 pieces of colorful nylon eyewear cords, can meet your various needs, and 2 pieces of eBoot black glass cloth, can clean your glass well

  • eBoot 12 Pieces colorful nylon braided eyeglass cord sunglasses strap eyewear retainer with 2 pieces black glasses cloth

    Adjustable rings:
    There is 1 ring on both sides of the cords, made of rubber, soft and elastic, they are adjustable, you can make it bigger or smaller according to your own needs, thus can fit for both thin and wide glass frames.

    Useful eyeglass cords:
    It is suitable for myopia glasses, reading glasses and sunglasses, and you can use it in many different situations, when you are doing outdoor activities, playing balls, doing sports, going hiking or reading books, wearing your glasses with the cord can bring you a lot of convenience.

    Cord length: approx. 58.5 cm/ 23.03 inches
    Cord diameter: approx. 0.3 cm/ 0.12 inch
    Cord material: microfiber
    Cord color: assorted colors
    Cord quantity: 12 pieces
    Cloth side length: 15 cm
    Cloth material: microfiber
    Cloth color: black
    Cloth quantity: 2 pieces

    Packaged includes:
    12 x Eyewear cord
    2 x eBoot Cleaning cloths

    These cords are assorted colors in random delivery.

    eBoot 12 Pieces Eyeglass Cord Glasses Strap Eyewear Retainer with Glasses Cloth - BZ7I8JQ1P