Flower Fascinator Headband Tea Party Wedding Cocktail Derby Hats for Women - B03RXR03S



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  • Sinamay fabric 100% natural abaca fiber

  • * A VINTAGE TOUCH OF CHARM AND ELEGANCE – Look at your very best, this floral flower fascinator hats glorifies your personality and enhances the positivity of your etiquette on all occasions. Whether you are attending a wedding reception, representing your firm at an inauguration ceremony or visiting any other formal or informal event, it accentuates your style and glamour with all poise and diligence and takes your fashion to the very next level.

  • * TIMELESS BEAUTY EXUDES AN AURA OF BLISS AROUND YOU – This fascinator headwear dignifies your presence on an affirmative note and emanates a sense of exquisiteness and daintiness. It instills the ambience around you with sense of classiness and refinement. Leave your mark wherever you go; the world is yours.

  • * EASY TO WEAR, FLAUNT ANY HAIR STYLE YOU LIKE – Made with high quality materials it greatly uplifts your style and grace. The style of this floral fascinator for women has been designed with great care and perfection and brings out the subtle charm that is always appreciated and adored

  • *VERSATILE APPROACH, A GREAT MATCH FOR A WIDE RANGE OF OUTFITS – This beautiful fascinator hats for women and girls looks amazingly stunning and ideally accessorizes multitude of your apparels. Whether you choose a classical dress or a modern and stylish outfit for the upcoming event, this black fascinator headband will surely bring out the magnetism and charisma you are looking for

  • * A PERFECT GIFT – Women fascinator hats are best all occasion gifts for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, mother or other female acquaintances. Take the real joy of Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Birthdays gifting this flower fascinator to someone you care

  • Great Value for Your Money

    Flower fascinator hats are highly detailed accessories that accentuate your outfits with a subtle charm and elegance. It is resembles a hat, but is much smaller and unpretentious. Add it to any outfit and see the difference it brings to the entire ensemble. A great value for your money, this flower fascinator headband makes your presence exceptional and distinctive.

    Let Your Presence Be Felt

    Fascinators are the one of the most popular dressing accessories today. This women fascinator hat will surely draw a lot of attention during special events. Whether you are heading for a wedding party, a Sunday afternoon gathering, or a weekly tea party, this handcrafted flower fascinator hats will make your presence felt by your friends and acquaintance. You’ll love the perfection of design and high quality of materials, and it will quickly become one of the most favorite items in your collection.

    Exclusive Haute Couture Accessory

    Looking for a suitable accessory for your expensive party dress? Fascinator hat is a straightaway solution. Get ready for appreciative remarks and heads turning in your direction, these fascinator hats for women and girls nicely emphasize your beauty with all the grace and allure. Let the world admire your style and beauty; feel the impact of poise and exclusivity this exquisite flower headwear generates in the environs around you.

    Eco-Friendly material

    Sinamay is a material that consists of 100% abaca fiber. Abaca yarn is another name for banana palm fiber. Abaca is an eco - friendly material, mainly produced in the Phillipines. This firm fiber is more durable than cotton or silk.

    Seller warranty

    Something is wrong? Contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will help you as soon as possible. We will also refund 100% in case you didn’t like the item or something is not the way you expected it.

    Flower Fascinator Headband Tea Party Wedding Cocktail Derby Hats for Women - B03RXR03S