Scala Women's Crocheted Packable Raffia Hat - BIFTPP632



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  • raffia

  • Drawstring closure

  • Scala Sun Hat – Enjoy a walk down the riviera with your Scala Collezione straw hat with drawstring. This 3½” brim Scala big brim hat has what you want out of a cute crocheted hats look mixed perfectly with the quality that comes with Scala hats for women.

  • Raffia Hat – This is a Scala hat women love because it is designed for elegance and durability. The breathability of 100% raffia straw makes this Scala large brim hat functional and stylish, letting you take your raffia straw hat anywhere.

  • Quality – Scala big brim hats for women are known for their quality and reliability. With these Scala women’s hats, you’re more than shielding your eyes from the sun in style: you’re making a statement. Enjoy your Scala statement.

  • Crushable – Whether off to the beach or a weekend in the country, you can store this Scala wide brim hat in a suitcase and it will turn to its original shape. Scala womens hats are known for looking good; they’re also now more practical than ever.

  • One Size Fits Most – One size fits most, but wanting one Scala sun hat means you’ll want even more. After measuring your head, look at our charts to make sure the perfect hat is a perfect fit. Get the most out of Scala crocheted hats for women.

  • Scala Women's Crocheted Packable Raffia Hat - BIFTPP632