Secdtie Men's Classic Solid Color Ties Soft Business Casual Attire Suit Neckties - BKZYQMP5N



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  • Length: 57"/145cm,Skinny Width: 3.15"/8cm,Business fashion gingham / solid color / pencil striped narrow necktie,suitable for mens and Big boys, Material: care-free microfiber polyester, Suitable Occasion: Any formal occasion /events, such as prom, wedding, parties, church, business ,meeting etc.

  • One of our favorite new blue collections by designer is this assortment of Grenadine fabric ties. It is a tie that pairs elegant colors with unique fabric texture.

  • A perfect blend of minimalistic elegance and bright summer color makes this one of our favorites among all of Secdtie's new ties for the coming spring and summer season.

  • While the color is nothing out of the ordinary,it is the woven fabric pattern that makes this tie stand out from the rest. Have fun when matching ties tie to shirt and suit. There are almost no bad choices!

  • Our tip for those looking for ultimate summer time dapperness: seersucker suit,white shirt,and pink and light blue textured pocket square,and light beige colored loafers.

  • The Solid Color Tie

    1. A Bold Statement for the Workplace

    2. The solid color tie is truly the workhorse of the tie world. It can be used in just about any situation,from daily work wear to special occasions. It is one of the most classic,understated,and essential pieces of any professional man's wardrobe.

    3. At its best,a solid color necktie can pull together a suit and project a powerful presence,there is a reason after all why the solid red tie is called a "power tie". If you are just starting out as a professional man,infusing your wardrobe with these ties is the first step to presenting yourself successfully.

    Solid Color tie with ribbed pattern

    * When you look closely,you will see a very fine ribbed pattern in the fabric. Changing the tension of the warp created the ribbed effect. Solid colored ties with such a ribbed pattern are slightly less formal and less shiny. In addition stains don’t show as easily. With this considered,the solid color tie with ribbed pattern is popular for daily business attire.

    Solid Ties,Bow Ties,Ascot and more

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    Secdtie Men's Classic Solid Color Ties Soft Business Casual Attire Suit Neckties - BKZYQMP5N