100 Bulk lot EyeGlasses Hard Case -Nice Clam-shell Holder 160x62x38mm kc-4 - B453XLAPU



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  • Snap closure

  • DURABLE HARD CLAMSHELL CASE: These hard cases are made with a metal design that ensures the best protection for frames and lenses. The solid body is virtually unbreakable and made to last.

  • BULK SUPPLY: This wholesale optical supply is case-packed for your convenience. Perfect for options, glasses and optical stores. The case includes assorted colors for both men and women.

  • STYLISH DESIGN: The exterior is designed elegantly to serve as a stylish fashion accessory. The case is coated with laminated plastic in designs that are suitable for formal and casual settings.

  • IDEAL LARGE SIZE: These cases are built big so they can fit any size eyewear, from oversized sunglasses to full sized frames and anything else, making them perfect to stock stores and suppliers.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Despite the hard body and metal construction, these cases remain super light and easily portable. They fit compactly in purses, hand bags and totes.

  • Get a case-packed bulk supply of premium quality glasses cases at an affordable rate with Capri Optics Eyewear and Accessories Supplies! Made of premium materials, these metal hard cases are virtually unbreakable. The cases have a classic clamshell design and snap closed. The exterior is laminated plastic, and each case has an elegant exterior design to make it a great fashion accessory for men or women.


    Bulk Case-Pack Supply
    Assorted Colors
    Protective Hard Case
    Classic Clamshell Design With Snap Closure
    Metal Body
    Laminated Plastic Exterior
    Felt Lined Interior to Protect Lenses From Scratches and Cracks
    Large Size Fits Regular, full and Oversized Frames
    For Glasses, Sunglasses and All Eyewear
    Doubles as Coin, Stationary and Valuables Storage Container


    These cases are not only designed to protect eyeglasses from all manner of drops, falls, cracks, scratches and breaking, they also make a fashion statement. With designs suiting both men and women, these cases have an air of elegance and sophistication that is perfect for dress, formal and business setting and occasions.

    Each case contains an assortment of colors for your customers to choose their personal favorite. They are perfect for everyday use – keep one on the desk, in the car or on the bedside table.


    Capri Optics is your leading source for all optical tools, accessories and supplies. Every Capri product is made from high grade materials and precise construction to ensure long lasting durability. All Capri Optics product are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    100 Bulk lot EyeGlasses Hard Case -Nice Clam-shell Holder 160x62x38mm kc-4 - B453XLAPU