Novelty Pre-Tied Bowtie Men's Big Boy Bling Sparkle Rhinestone Banquet Wedding Bow Tie - B9EV0ULIP



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  • Pre-Tied Bow Tie with adjustable strap fits neck sizes up to 19 inches, Dimensions: 4.5 in x 2.5 (11.5cm x 6cm). Suitable for Adult or Big Boy, PU leather fastener and polyester fabric, Great for formal events, banquet, prom, balls, parties etc. Must have for fashion forward individuals. Crystal Shining Luxury Bowtie is also the best gift for your wedding,anniversary,birthday or holiday.

  • This striking bowtie in a hue of sparkle cherry red is the ultimate neckpiece to dress up any otherwise basic ensemble.

  • The pure red, with an elegant rhinestone finish, truly packs a punch and will impress those around you. The bright red color looks great when paired with darker jackets and tuxedos.

  • With a classic black suit and red bowtie combination, your timeless style choice will keep you looking handsome at all time. For even greater effect add the matching red pocket square to your outfit!

  • Take advantage of the functionality of this piece, by adjusting the neck with the clasp attached. You will be alll dressed up in mere seconds.

  • About our Secdtie store

    Welcome to our Secdtie store, we are a specialty retailers for men's neckwear. We have been designing, producing, and retailing men's ties online.
    We hold our tie suppliers and designers to the highest standards, and we made it our goal to offer the highest quality neckties, bowties, cuff links, and other fashion accessories at the best possible prices.
    The Secdtie collection of pre-tied Vivid print bow ties is very popular to wear with tuxedos and is great for weddings, proms, schools, choirs, sports teams and individuals looking for a quality bow tie at a great price.

    About Our Bow Tie

    1)This makes it an updated traditional bow - it is slightly slimmed down and modern size - definitely not your Grandfather's fluffy bow tie.
    2)The bow on the tie is pre-tied, which means you don't have to learn to knot a bow tie and the bow is attached to an adjustable band which clips around your neck. This is a completely different mechanism than an old school clip-on or clip on style bow tie, which can easily fall off or become crooked.
    3)The material on the tie is a satin poly, with just the right amount of sheen, so that it's not too shiny nor is it flat. Brightly solid colored bow ties are typically not suited for traditional formal dress codes. Nevertheless, they are very popular for certain functions such as outfitting the wedding party with matching colored neckwear to the wedding theme color, for school proms and dances, as well as for kids.

    1. Product Details:

    1) Material: Microfiber(Silk, Santin, Cotton, Polyester, Jacquard woven)
    2) Size: 12CM*6CM

    2. Introduction To Our Neckwear Products

    1) More than 5000 Designs Used For Fashion Accessories, Performance, Promotion, Advertising Gifts

    3. Bowtie Types

    1) Santin/Silk necktie
    2) Cotton/Polyester necktie
    3) Knitted necktie
    4) Plain/Printed/Embroidery necktie

    Novelty Pre-Tied Bowtie Men's Big Boy Bling Sparkle Rhinestone Banquet Wedding Bow Tie - B9EV0ULIP